iStock_000003561644SmallHave you always had a slightly crooked smile? If your teeth aren’t in bad enough shape to warrant braces but you can’t stop staring at the way one tooth is angled wrong, reshaping and contouring might be your answer. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is simple, quick, and inexpensive, but it allows dentists to create a more aligned smile. In order to have this procedure done, you should have strong teeth that aren’t currently shifting and your teeth should be healthy. If your dentist isn’t sure about your oral health, they may need to take x-rays.


Cosmetic benefits of reshaping

Reshaping procedures have an obvious cosmetic benefit: simple procedures can make your teeth look naturally healthier. Small chips and grooves can make your teeth unsightly, and if they aren’t lined up or angled correctly, your smile can draw unwanted attention. Teeth that are out of proportion or line can be easily fixed to match the rest of your teeth.


Health benefits of reshaping

Most people don’t think about the health benefits, but reshaping and contouring your teeth can carry these kinds of benefits, too! If you have difficulty getting dental floss between your teeth to clean them due to overlaps or your dentist can’t properly clean your teeth, you are at increased risk for many oral health problems from gum disease to cavities. Reshaping your teeth to eliminate overlap and make them smoother and easier to clean will improve your oral health.


Risks and benefits

The risks of this type of cosmetic procedure are minimal. Most people will not need anaesthetic and, while you may experience some sensitivity to hot or cold, you don’t even need to restrict your eating or go through a healing period afterwards. There is a risk that the dentist may remove too much enamel, but as long as you seek out a cosmetic dentist with experience, you don’t need to worry about this risk.


Although one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, reshaping and contouring isn’t always done for appearance alone. Whether your dentist wants to ensure you can clean your tooth and gum properly or you want to have a nicer smile, it’s easy to get tooth reshaping done in one appointment.