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Dentures in Coquitlam

Rediscover the charming beauty of your smile with comfortable, aesthetically appealing dentures at Greenline Dental. If you are missing multiple permanent teeth and are not a candidate for a dental bridge or dental implants, removable dentures are another restorative dental treatment method that can drastically improve the way you speak, swallow, chew and smile every day. The right denture appliance can help you smile through life with confidence and comfort.

How Dentures Work

Dentures are commonly used to replace multiple missing teeth, restoring your natural function and protecting your gum line from further damage. They can improve the overall look of your mouth structure by filling the gaps in your smile while improving your day-to-day functions like eating, speaking, and smiling. We create dentures by taking an impression of your bite and building a prosthetic that complements your mouth shape.

When to Consider Dentures at Greenline Dental

When you experience major tooth loss that impacts your ability to perform normal mouth and jaw functions like eating, speaking, and smiling, your dentist may recommend dentures. A set of dentures can be a confidence-building, long-lasting, and convenient restoration solution to help you rediscover your naturally stunning smile. To learn more about dentures and how to maintain them, book a consultation and speak with one of our knowledgeable dentists at Greenline Dental.

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