When spring rolls around we always make a list of all the place we’d like to clean. This is the year we always think we’re going to finally clean out that messy garage or storage area. We start off with a lot of willpower and determination, but somehow it always seems to dwindle away. Other things come up and seem to get in the middle of our initial goal, which means we usually land up saying the same thing next year. Our staff at Greenline Dental wanted to help you reach your spring cleaning goals this year. Below are some helpful tips for you! If you have more to add leave a comment under the Facebook post for this blog. We’d love to hear from you!


Set Realistic Goals

The key to achieving your goals is to set a realistic goal in the first place. A realistic foundation about what you can achieve this year could increase your chances of success. Don’t try to clean the whole house, just focus on specific areas that need the most attention. Set your priority list according to what area would make you the happiness to see clean. Part of setting realistic goals is having a clear understanding of your capabilities. Knowing what you can and cannot do in a certain timeframe can help you set goals according to the time you have to dedicate to them. For example, if you can only clean on the weekends, then the amount that you can accomplish needs to realistically reflect that. If you’re unsure about whether your goals are realistic, check with someone who knows you really well. The people around you can provide insight to how realistic your goals are because they know you the best. A spouse or child will know your ability and be able to let you know whether your goals are achievable in the time frame.

Here’s a helpful check-list to help you set your goals for this year’s spring cleaning!


Don’t Procrastinate

Now that you’ve set your goals, don’t procrastinate. Life gets in the way and we always think we can do everything later –  but in reality we procrastinate, which makes us feel overwhelmed with the amount of work we have to do in a short time frame. The key to not procrastinating is to create smaller to-dos from your goal and get them done in chunks. Assign deadlines to each task so you know how long you have to complete it. If you’re determined to complete a big spring cleaning project, then make sure you dedicate the time to do it. This may involve mean staying in on weekends and week nights to get this done.

Involve your family in the spring cleaning process too! If your children and spouse would like to help, give them certain to-dos to help share the load. Your family can also help you be accountable by being aware of what needs to get done by what deadline.


Reward Yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself when you’ve completed a task. Cleaning can be a lot of work so a reward can also give you a break and allow you to relax. You don’t have to reward yourself with anything big –  even a glass of wine or watching an episode of your favourite TV show will do the trick! Rewarding yourself can keep you motivated to take the next step towards completing your spring cleaning project.

We hope these tips helped you with your spring cleaning projects this year! Leave a comment under the Facebook post for this blog if you have any more tips to add.