beautiful smileDo you find you avoid smiling, or are embarrassed to show your teeth due to damage or severe discolouration? Do you wish you could have a Hollywood smile makeover that will give you the confidence to achieve your full potential?

If you answered yes, then Dental Veneers might be the right cosmetic dentistry solution for you!

Dental Veneers are extremely thin custom-shaped shells made of ceramic, porcelain or a composite material that can be bonded to your existing teeth to quickly and flawlessly eliminate imperfections. Veneers allow us to completely remodel the shape and style of your smile – we can brighten your teeth and cover discolorations, cracks, or uneven spacing in only a few appointments.

Our cosmetic dentistry experts have years of experience with Dental Veneers and the artistic ability to match your aspirations. At Greenline Dental Centre in Coquitlam, BC we’ll take the time to discuss your needs and desires, and our artisan dentists will work with our expert dental labs to develop a set of custom Dental Veneers with the size, shape, and color that provide a natural look that complements your facial structure.

Patients receiving Dental Veneers will often tell us that they wished they had asked for them sooner – the burden of portraying unattractive defects or damage due to staining or injury is considerable and hard to put into words. We understand, and are ready to give you the powerful lift and confidence boost that a beautiful natural smile brings.

Contact us today if you want to unlock your smile potential and think veneers might be the right cosmetic dentistry solution for you!